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3D lab for school

Discover and explore the revolution of 3D Printing with Novabeans

3D Printing Education inside schools

Th 3D Printing courses and workshops is first of it's kind in the arena of creativity and computerized manufacturing techniques.

It is designed to enhance the creativity and technical skills of materials, 3D concepts, model designing, computer aided designing, real world objects creation, machines, manufacturing, motor skills, prototyping and new technology adoption.

Courses are aimed for schools, colleges, university students from 6+ to 17 years to advance professional learners from 18+.

3D Printing at your fingertips. Students will be taught to ‘think and solve in 3D’

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Primary School Education
From 1st to 5th grade
(Age group 6-11 years)

The 3D Printing Primary School Program is first of its kind in India, to engage students in an advanced learning process for future careers. It's designed to explore the world of 3D Printing to apply in a variety of disciplines.


Middle School Education
From 6th to 8th grade
(Age group 11-14 years)

Middle School Program offers an Advanced Introduction to 3D printing. Students will be hands on making prototypes. Give students the chance to embark on an adventurous journey of the digital world.


Secondary School Education / College
From 9th to 12th grade, University
(Age Group 14 – PLUS)

Secondary School / College Level Program offers an Advanced Introduction to 3D Printing and its benefits. Students will explore possibilities in a variety of disciplines. A program designed for students exploring a career in 3D Printing.

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3D PRINTING revolutionising the classroom

3D Printing has caught the attention of educators who are looking into ways to incorporate it into the classroom
Using 3D Printers in the classroom could mean

3D PRINTING revolutionising the Indian Education

3D PRINTING revolutionising the Indian Education

Biology students can study
cross-sections of hearts or other organs.

3D PRINTING revolutionising the Indian Education

Graphic design students can create prototypes of product designs

3D PRINTING revolutionising the Indian Education

Design and Engineering students can make prototypes of their creations.

3D PRINTING revolutionising the Indian Education

Chemistry students can print out complex molecules to study.

3D PRINTING revolutionising the Indian Education

Architectural students can print new or existing designs.

3D PRINTING revolutionising the Indian Education

History classes can print artifacts for closer examination.

3D PRINTING revolutionising the Indian Education

Engineering students can print modified car or robot parts.

3D PRINTING revolutionising the Indian Education

Geometry students can print out topography, population or demographics of an area.

3D PRINTING revolutionising the Indian Education

Food Technology students can design moulds and cookie cutter templates.


e-Studio is a hub for creative minds to make their own models, participate in workshops and courses, featuring from basics to advanced techniques of 3D Printing and new technologies, suitable for all ages.

3D Printing technology is used for both prototyping and personalised manufacturing, with applications in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Industrial Design, Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Civil Engineering, dental and medical industries, Jewellery, Biotech, Fashion, Home Decor and many more.

The main concepts covered in the 3D printing training courses are :

  • 3D Printing technology and General Principles of 3D Printing
  • Various Additive Manufacturing processes
  • 2D to 3D using Photogrammetry, Cad, UV Textures and more
  • Types of 3D Printers and Architecture of Desktop 3D printers
  • 3D Modelling using Blender and OpenSCAD
  • Commercial Printing using Blender
  • 3D Printing materials and Design Concepts
  • CNC & Laser Cutting Techniques
  • Casting Techniques
  • Mould Making using 3D printing and it's applications
  • Advance Materials for Post 3D Printing Applications
  • Hands-on at 3D printer to design 3D objects
  • Robotics, Quadcopter and Model Parts with 3D Printing
  • And much more...

Courses & Workshops available for :

Students, Professionals, Architects, Managers, Doctors, Engineers, Designers, Hobbyists, Teachers, Learners and anyone who want to learn and enhance their CV and professional skills and find potential business opportunity in new industry.

Earn a Certificate in 3D Printing Foundations, and gain a competitive advantage in manufacturing, engineering and design.

Individuals can also take 3D printing certificate course for more information. REGISTER NOW


Basic Plus

Introduction to basic 3D Printing and assignments using self-printed prototypes. It's more hands-on experience than Basic package and uses a variety of problem solving assignments. Plus will able to design and print prototypes, analyzing them on the spot and making adjustments.

Duration : 8 Classes

Fee :
Rs. 19,990



Introduction to Advanced 3D Printing Technology using CNC and LASER. Program is designed using FDM technology with PLA or ABS Plastics. Candidates learn both technologies - CNC+LASER and 3D Printing. CNC+LASER is taught on MDF Wood.

Duration : 16 Classes

Fee :
Rs. 39,990



Candidates learn all about 3D Additive Manufacturing, CNC + Laser, Casting, Plating, Mould Making and Water Transfer & Printing Technologies, Silver Chroming Technologies, Photogrammetry & 3D Printing techniques. For more information check the detail of the courses.

Duration : 24 Classes

Fee :
Rs. 69,990



Novabeans in collaboration with University of Illinois, USA provides the only certified Additive manufacturing course in India. After successfully completing this specialized course, candidate will get certification from Illinois University, USA directly.

Duration : 24 Classes

Fee :
Rs. 89,990

For Batch Date Schedule & Time of 3D Printing Courses at e-Studio. REGISTER NOW

Products & Services


3D Printers

We provide most innovative & advance 3D printers (FDM, SLA, DLP, SLS) in India in different price range.
We are authorised reseller in India for Ultimaker, 3d Systems, b9Creator others
Staring from Rs 29000 to 90Lac, subject to MOQ and taxes.


3D Printing Pen & Scanners

We are authorised reseller for 3doodler, CreoPop, Lix Pen, 3d sense scanners in India.
Provoding 3d drawing sktech book and library of high quality .stl files for easy and fast 3d print.


3D Printing Filaments

All type of good quality parts and filaments available : ABS / PLA / Resin, Silicon, Metal, Ceramic, Edibles etc.
We are authorised reseller of quality colorfabb filaments in India.


3D Printing Services & Support

Customers can 3d print their design file (.STL, OBJ) and get price quote. For more information click here
Being one of the prevalent 3D Printing Service Company. Novabean's also offer Free 3d printing pre-paidcard service. click here
We also provide Classic art replicas in various materials, sizes and colours. click here
We provide 3D printing jewellery service and castable resin & studio setup package click here
Professional web / phone support center and also on-site enginering support available pan India.


3D Printing school kits and 3d Printing courses

Comprehensive "3D printing kit" to enable Indian schools and colleges are available.
We also provide monthly 3D Printing courses at e-studio for individuals, students, professionals and corporate organisations.
Register & pay for 3d printing courses click here

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