Introducing Raise3D.

Raise3D empowers the Customers to develop and fabricate.

Their award-winning 3D printers are built specifically for the needs of corporations that promote discovering, finding new routes and aim to be at the forefront of conceptualization and execution. Designed to work continuously, Raise3D printers are incredibly precise and easy to use, built for quality, and effortless maintenance.


Standard Filaments PLA

Std. PLA Black (1Kg)

Std. PLA Bronze (1Kg)

Std. PLA Gold (1Kg)

Std. PLA Grey (1Kg)

Std. PLA White (1Kg)

Premium Filaments PLA

Premium PLA Black (1Kg)

Premium PLA Blue (1Kg)

Premium PLA Orange (1Kg)

Premium PLA Red (1Kg)

Premium PLA White (1Kg)

Premium PLA Yellow (1Kg)

Premium PLA Art White (1Kg)
Extra Smooth Surface Qualtiy

Premium PLA Grey (1Kg)

Premium Filaments ABS

Premium ABS Black (1Kg)

Premium ABS White (1Kg)

Speciality Filaments

Premium PVA Natural (1Kg)

Premium PETG Black (1Kg)

Premium PC Black (1Kg)

Premium PC White (1Kg)

Premium PC Transparent (1Kg)