Jewellery Meets 3D Printing


Bringing 3d printing to Jewellery in India

3d Models for Jewellery

3d Model of Jewellery for Casting.

* Images credit goes to several designers : Vikram, Junction3d, John Berg, European Goldsmith, Rohit Verma, front page three rings image by TAJS - Danny.

3D Works

Novabeans | Bringing Jewellery to Life

  • Jewellery meets 3D Printing

    The best jewellery inspiring our future is through the power of 3D printing technologies. Novabeans in partnership with its global partner is bringing 3D printing advance sophisticated technology to jewellery sector in India. 3D printing with castable resins are specifically designed for direct lost wax casting of jewelry models. Designed to allow the production of high-definition, detailed parts and smooth surfaces that do not require manual finishing.

    Novabeans is providing 3D printing jewellery service in India. Bringing on-demand affordable 3D printing jewellery services at your door step. Print jewellery anytime, anywhere and get it delivered wherever you want !

    3D printing services accessible to jewellers, jewellery designers in a cost effective manner across India. Now you can print your creative jewellery designs on-the-go and get it delivered at your place. 3D printing jewellery service provide 2 free 3D jewellery objects in 30 x 30 x 40 mm size. To avail this free offer upload your design here.

    Although the B9Creator is capable of printing in bigger volume, we ask that you limit the size of your designs for free sample. Using professional 3D printing technologies, the castable jewellery can be reproduced to fit individual taste, desires and styles. Smooth surface, high resolution, high accuracy, no further manual finishing needed.