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Foodini : The Next Generation Kitchen Appliance

A kitchen appliance that combines technology, food, art and design. Foodini uses real, fresh ingredients, making Foodini the first 3D food printer kitchen appliance to contribute to healthy eating.

Foodini is a automation kitchen appliance is for : chefs, hotels, culinary schools, restaurants, labs and food brands.

Foodini is a great machine for your kitchen. It allows you to extrude food onto a plate with a design created by you.

It's a perfect machine that allows you to present the food created by you the way you want it presented, perfectly and precisely every time.


  • Commercial Grade Tubes allow easy cleaning and de-sanitizing.
  • Simple Operation.
  • Intelligent connectivity though Wifi.
  • Creative tools to create your own design with ease.
  • Multiple Nozzles allowing extrusion of fine to course materials.
  • Beautiful Looks
  • Dedicated Support Teams

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Foodini is for

  • Resturants
  • Chef's
  • Schools and Universities