Recycle and Save the Planet

Make Your Own Filaments


Felfil Evo is a safe and easy to use plastic filament extruder, able to produce custom and recycled filament for 3D printers starting from pellet or wrong prints.

With Felfil Evo you can choose from plastic materials and make your 3D printing filament.

Felfil Evo is a filament extruder and is designed to be used by every user, whether 3D print expert or beginner.

It has a compact design which dimension allows to insert it in every desktop.

With Felfil Evo you can make two different filament diameter, 1.75mm and 2.85mm, just by changing the nozzle.

Felfil Evo interface is intuitive and make the extruder easy to use.

Through it is possible to set manually the correct temperature and gear motor speed, then start to make high quality custom filament for your projects.

Unleash your creativity


  • Extrusion speed: rom 1.15 m/minute
  • Temperature Range: Limited at 250° C
  • Extrusion screw: Specially Designed Made.
  • Tolerance : +/- 0.07mm
  • Filament Diameter : 1.75 mm, 2.85mm & 3mm
  • Open Source Platform

Multi Materials

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • T45
  • HIPS
  • PETG
  • TPU
  • HDPE

FELFIL Spooler

Felfil Spooler allows you to create spools.

FELFIL is for

  • Students
  • Educational Institutes (schools & colleges)
  • Prototypers & Hobbyists
  • Research Labs & Designers
  • SMEs Companies & Training Centers