Print with Ultimaker S3 or Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle (Air Manager and Material Station)

Help Hospitals in need of life saving devices.

face mask retainers

Face Mask Retainers

Provides additional comfort from plastic bands.

HEPA Filter for Female 10mm

Female HEPA Face Mask

HEPA Filter Mask for Females 10mm

HEPA Filter for Male 12mm

Male HEPA Face Mask

HEPA Filter Mask for Male 12mm

HEPA Filter for Male 12mm

Prusa Face Shield

Face Shield by PRUSA

Circuit Splitter

Splitters for Ventilators

Splitters with Variable Flow Adapters for Ventilators allowing two patients on single ventilator.

The widest range of engineering 3D printing materials

You deserve the freedom to work with the world’s most advanced polymers and composites. Ultimaker’s collaboration with leading materials brands enables exactly that. And more third-party print profiles are being added each day to the Ultimaker Marketplace. Enjoy a high print success rate with high-performance materials on Ultimaker 3D printers.