Ultimaker has announced a new 3D printer. Novabeans will be distributing  this printer in India with support, services and warranty.

The Ultimaker S5 is Ultimaker’s most advanced desktop 3D printer ever, boasting best-in-class technical specifications and a very desirable feature-set which we’ll look at below.

But first, a few words about this new printer.

It’s been designed to run continuously – literally, with no let up. Ultimaker saw fit to develop the highest quality mechatronics they’ve ever made to ensure reliability. The S5 has swappable print cores for reduced downtime with customisable nozzle geometries for outstanding print accuracy and quality. It even boasts Active Bed Levelling to automatically set up the build plate, so you don’t have to.

All of which is to say, this is the first Ultimaker 3D printer that’s designed to deliver powerful 3D printing – but without the hassle. Simply put, it prints whatever you throw at it with ease and delivers high quality results every time.

With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the S5’s feature-set:

Print BIG

This is Ultimaker’s biggest 3D printer yet. The S5 has a 330 x 240 x 300 mm build volume, which outsizes the Ultimaker 3 Extended’s 215 x 215 x 300 mm volume. Despite this, the S5 is relatively compact with dimensions of 495 x 457 x 520 mm.

Dual-extrusion technology

The S5 is equipped with Ultimaker’s latest-generation dual-extruder system which is super-reliable. It allows you to 3D print complex geometries and intricate models using Ultimaker’s range of professional-grade engineering filaments.

Swappable print cores

The S5 has inherited the swappable print core functionality of the Ultimaker 3. These deliver higher uptime by allowing you to swap out materials quickly. You can material match all Ultimaker materials for consistent, high-quality prints.

Enhanced sensors and control

The Ultimaker S5 features a state-of-the-art enhanced active bed levelling feature and an advanced filament flow sensor to ensure print reliability. These give you the confidence you need to scale up and guarantee excellent results.

Open filament system

In addition to being compatible with Ultimaker’s latest range of professional-grade engineering filaments, the S5 is also compatible with third party filaments. This means you can test materials outside Ultimaker’s ecosystem.

Industry-leading software

The S5 is powered by Ultimaker Cura software. Cura is hands-down one of the best manufacturer-developed software platforms on the market. It comes preconfigured with optimised settings for 3D printing Ultimaker filaments.

Touchscreen interface

You can control the Ultimaker S5 using the built-in touchscreen. The touchscreen is 4.7” in size and presents all important printer settings immediately for ease of use. You can start, pause, cancel and change print settings quickly.

Camera for remote monitoring

The S5 is equipped with a high definition camera. This is preinstalled and overlooks the build chamber. It allows you to remotely monitor print progress. You can monitor prints on a desktop computer or smartphone over Wi-Fi.

Ultimaker S5 technical specifications

Material support: Open filament system. Also supports all Ultimaker filaments, including: Tough PLA, PLA, Nylon, ABS, CPE, CPE+, PC, TPU 95A, PP, PVA, and Breakaway.
Layer resolution: Down to 20 micron
Build volume: 330 x 240 x 300 mm (13 x 9.4 x 11.8 inches)
Interface: 4.7-inch (11.9 cm) touch display
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB
Special features: Swappable print cores, in-built camera

Ultimaker launches new Tough PLA

Ultimaker has also launched a new filament today. Ultimaker Tough PLA is stronger and tougher than Ultimaker PLA, with similar mechanical properties to Ultimaker ABS. It’s engineered for high-impact applications and is suitable for functional prototyping. It’s also BPA free and 100 per cent biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly choice.

With an impact strength similar and higher stiffness compared to Ultimaker ABS, Ultimaker PLA is a good choice for practical applications. It’s more reliable when printing large models than ABS and offers greater dimensional stability.

The official mechanical properties of Ultimaker Tough PLA are as follows: Tensile strength at break: 37 MPa. Tensile strength at yield: 37 MPa. Tensile modulus: 1,820 MPa. Flexural strength: 78 MPa. Hardness: 79 (shore D). Elongation at break: 3.1%. This makes Tough PLA a strong, durable material with very little flex.

The potential applications for Ultimaker’s new Tough PLA are vast. It offers faster print speeds than and reduced warping over ABS. This makes it a better material for rapid prototyping. It is suitable for printing jigs, fixtures and snap fits, and it offers excellent resistance to oils and greases and chemical agents. We recommend Tough PLA for printing durable end-use parts and prototypes. It is compatible with the Ultimaker 3 and S5 series.

Novabeans | India’s biggest 3D printing solution provider

Novabeans is Pioneering in  #3dprinting in India 

3d printing is revolutionising the world. Think of it this way: You’re at home, you want something, you print it. Powered by 3D design software, the technology allows complex objects to be created in a single piece, layer by layer, bypassing traditional steps of design and production.

Novabeans team attended the first #3D printing show in Paris, France.

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is moving well beyond making plastic, resign, silicon objects, or even rapid industrial prototyping. “Today, 3D printers can not only handle materials ranging from titanium to human cartilage but also produce fully functional components, including complex mechanisms, batteries, transistors, and LEDs.

It’s having a transformative effect in medicine. The first houses are now being 3D printed. So are major parts of cars and even gun. And while many challenges remain — the costs and variety of materials, constraints around high-volume production — institutions such as governments, schools and multinationals are investing billions of dollars in the technology that many argue could help power a third industrial revolution. source : business inside

Novabeans | 3D Printing Education India

Novabeans has been recognised among the top players in 3d printing education in India according to the recent published article by reputed educational magazine. 

Novabeans in collaboration with University of Illinois, USA provides the only certified Additive manufacturing course in India. After successfully completing this specialized course, candidate will get certification from Illinois University, USA directly.

 With the growing importance of the technology in education sector in India, 3D printing technology is fuelling limitless creativity among students. With 1.3 million schools in India, opportunites for adopting 3d printing technologies is limitless.

To enrich teaching across STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and design subjects, there are innovative ways of using 3D printers as a technology to help teach complex subjects in a much easier way.

Read the full article 

Novabeans 3d printing partner eco-system

Novabeans | Art meets 3D printing India

Novabeans, the Indian premiere 3D printing product and service provider bringing high-end 3D printing art service in India with its global partner by making priceless art masterpieces available to everyone in India and around the world using 3d printing sophisticated technology.

Art meets 3D Printing

The best art from our past could be the force driving and inspiring our future, leaving the caveaux of museum and private collections to enter our every day lives, through the power of 3D printing technologies. Novabeans in joint venture with its Italian partner  Artficial is bringing western art models from the classical Greek period, through to the Renaissance, Islamic, Asian, African and Hebrew artifacts to India. Each sculpture has been carefully 3D scanned and 3D modeled into a perfect virtual replica using latest and most sophisticated 3d printing technology.

Through collaborations with our partner, Indian art galleries, Indian designers, Indian sculptors and Indian museums, the Novabeans’s team is aspiring to bringing several perfectly reproduced 3D models of priceless works of Indian art, from different historical periods and cultural locations of India and abroad. This service is also avaibale to Indian schools and colleges via Novabeans 3d printing educational packs subscription.

Using professional 3D printing technologies, the sculptures from the museums and private collections can be reproduced to fit individual taste, desires and styles. Users can select the artwork of choice and visualize in a stylish setting; selecting different sizes and materials.

At launch the service offers replicas of selected works in both laser sintered nylon (polyamide) and cured transparent resin, with each material available in several different colours. Additional customisation options, including casted and direct metal 3D printing, will be integrated gradually. 

Novabeans with its international partner began in its quest of democratising art by developing a “cradle of technology” which will be set up inside several world museums within some of the world’s most visited and important cultural and historical sites. Visitors can pick up exact miniature replicas of the classic artworks present in each site. Through our platform they will also be able to create a customised replica of the artworks and have it delivered to their homes. 

By progressively taking some of the most valuable examples from humanity’s artistic and cultural heritage into the future of manufacturing, Novabeans with its eco-system will make the past of human creativity more accessible than ever, inspiring a new era for artistic expression. By passing DNA on to the next generations, humanity assures the survival of its species. Through 3D printing it can assure the survival of its essence.

Sculptures made in Polyamide

Polyamide has a sandy, granular look, and has a slightly porous surface. Our sculptures made in Polyamide are 3d printed with Selective Laser Sintering printing technology. The Sculptures are printed layer by layer by a laser that draws thin lines in the powder, which melts and bonds it together in order to form a thin layer of the model. After a layer is printed, a new layer of fresh powder is spread over the surface by a roller. The printer has a print chamber that is heated to just below the melting point of the powder; the laser beam adds the extra energy to melt the powder, forming a solid Sculpture.

Sculptures made in Transparent Resin

Transparent Resin is a strong, hard, stiff, water-resistant by nature, and of course, transparent material. Our sculptures made in Resin are 3d printed with Stereolithography printing technology.

The process takes place in a large tank, and begins when a layer of liquid polymer is spread over a platform. This machine then uses a computer-controlled laser to draw the first layer onto the surface of a liquid polymer, which hardens where struck by the laser. The Sculpture is then lowered and the next layer is then drawn directly on top of the previous one. This is repeated until the Sculpture is finished. In this way, layer-by-layer, an object is “drawn” in the liquid by the beam, with the layers being consolidated throughout the process. 

Other Materials Possibilities

Materials Description
Polyamide (PA) A strong and flexible material with a high level of detail
Alumide (AL) A polyamide-like material with a distinctive look
Multi-colour (MC) A full colour plaster
High detail resin (RE) Lovely fine details on this photopolymer
Paintable resin (RE) Beautiful when painted. Water-resistant. If it has to be flawless
Transparent resin (RE) See through
Titanium (TI) Light and the strongest 3D printing material in the world
Stainless steel (ST) Not your grandmother’s stainless steel
Silver (AG) Sterling silver
Gold (AU) Choice of 14 and 18 carat solid gold
Prime Gray (PG) Very smooth, detailed and “luxurious” to the touch
Brass (BS) Copper and Zinc, united as one
Bronze (BZ) What did you expect after gold and silver?
Ceramics (CE) A food safe material that shines like no other
High detailed stainless steel (HS) High grade stainless steel with a superb level of detail
Rubber-like (RL) A strong, high-flexible and durable material
Paper (CHO) Light weight
Silicone (SI) Translucent and flexible
Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) Stong & tough, heighest level of dimensional accuracy plastic
Polylactic acid (PLA) Biodegradable plastic made of corn starch

Exploring New Heights in 3D Printing Technology In India

Novabeans | Exploring New Heights in 3D Printing Technology through Cutting Edge Products & Services in India

3D printing in India is in a very nascent stage when compared to various developed economies across Europe, America and Asia, primarily because of the high pricing and lack of ecosystem. But the future holds high promises as many startups are emerging with interesting innovations and diverse applications.

While the 3D printing market is projected to cross $179 million by 2021, the investors are exploring options for early-stage investments. But back in 2014, the landscape was deserted when Mr. Loyalka  was looking to bring 3D printing technologies to revolutionise small and medium scale industries. The team of IT professionals stood their ground and launched Novabeans Prototyping Labs LLP in May 2015 from Gurgaon, gradually creating awareness about 3D application and outclassing Chinese competition.

Empowering through Education

Novabeans is bringing 360º customer experience in 3D printing, and manpower training along with making prototypes for the industry. The company provides the most advanced and comprehensive 3D design-to-manufacturing solutions including 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D printing pens, 3D printing materials, 3D printing training workshops, 3D printing school kits, 3D printing professional support, made to order 3D design, and 3D print consultancy and services.

Novabeans’ offering can be broadly classified into three main areas, the primary one being in the education- by conducting first of its kind training and workshops on 3D Modelling, computer aided designing, real world object creation, motor skills and new technology adoption. The courses are aimed for school, college and university students from 6-50 years within different categories.

Novabeans’ powerful digital thread empowers professionals, students and individuals in every industry to bring their ideas into life and enhance their portfolio.

The company has multiple channels to sell its products through a network of resellers and franchises across pan India online stores and e-studio centers with additional training, 24/7 support, warranty parts and consultancy services.

Novabeans has already worked with several companies and institutions like IIT, BITS, HCL, Intel, Tata, Reliance, GE, Philips, Mahindra & Mahindra, and several private schools and companies.

Novabeans’ other major service is e-studio, which is a hub for creative minds to make their own models, participate in workshops and certified courses, featuring from basics to advanced techniques of 3D printing and new technologies suitable for all ages.

“We do not compromise on quality even when it is tempting. Our unique selling proposition is to provide end-to-end 3D printing solutions,” asserts Gaurav Loyalka. These 3D printing services are available in variety of materials like ABS, Polyamide, Resin, Elastic Plastic, Alumide, Steel and precious metals such as bronze, silver, gold, platinum, titanium and rhodium.

Novabeans is also an official authorised master dealer of many premium global brands including Formlabs, Markforged, BigRep, LeapFrog, Ultimaker, 3d Systems, Littlebits, Structure Sensor Scanner, Makerbot, 3Doolder, LixPen, CreoPop, Photocentric, Innofil3D, Structure3D, Rasie3D, Modifi3d, ColorFabb, and Scan in a Box in India.

Road Ahead

Novabeans has been successful in recording 180 percent organic growth rate year-on-year. The company employs  work like gearbox from their offices in Gurgaon, UK, France, U.S. and Delhi. It is currently focusing on its vertical growth in Engineering & Product design, Manufacturing, Research & Education, Entertainment, Jewelry and Medical fields, and seeks to open discussions with potential value added partners to speed up the future.

Extend Your Imagination With Best 3d Printer

What is 3d pen?
Well, a 3D pen looks like a colossal version of an ordinary pen or a pencil but as a substitute of using lead or ink, the 3D pen activates using plastic. Well, using the 3D pen is no altered than using an ordered pen or a pencil. You hold it the same way and there are many dissimilar ways you can use it.

In the quickly evolving business world, you need a 3D printer that puts you onward of the competition. We at NovaBeans offer transformative compensations at every stage of creation – from original concept design to the construction of last products.

3D pen Printing Performance Attributes You Need to Know:

  • File-to-Finished Part Rapidity

Our 3D printer has a dissimilar file-to-finished part speed, which takes into account shape preparation, print speed,
required post-processing, and non-compulsory finishing time.

  • Part Cost

In order to correctly understand part cost evaluations vendors give you, it’s significant to know what has and has not been comprised to reach at that quote.

  • Feature Detail Resolution

Striking the right accuracy at the first print is vital when production batches include numerous size, geometries, and types of parts.

  • Accuracy

Accuracy claims by our team are frequently for precise measurement test parts and definite results will vary contingent on part geometry, material shrinkage, part size and geometry, and exactness and repeatability for construction applications, so be sure to define your application exactness necessities and test.

  • Material Properties

Understanding the envisioned applications and the wanted material characteristics is significant in selecting a best 3D printer. Each technology has strong point and weaknesses that must be factored in.

  • Print Capacity

Mandatory print capacity for production is indomitable by a diversity of criteria comprising the printer’s ability to make the breadth of the parts you want to generate.

  • Colour

The quality of 3D printing is reliant on resolution, the number of primary colours and treating competence per channel, and the printer’s proficiency of dithering.