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Understanding the 3-D Printing Process

Novabeans, 3d Printing Education –  Series 1

3d Printing in India is the excellent example of technological advancement by which we can create different types of structures and shapes with utmost precision; it is also called additive manufacturing. In this process a printer is used to manufacture a solid object of your desired shape. Successive layers of the selected material are used in the manufacturing. You can use any material like metal, plastic or any other material of your choice for manufacturing.


In order to create an object, you have to start with the virtual design of your selected item. In case you would like to create something which already exists, then use a 3-D scanner. A 3-D scanner will copy the object and you have the facility to paste it in your virtual file. You can use the same dimensions if you want to make a duplicate copy.

In earlier days it was very difficult to design a structure of your choice because traditional manufacturing methods were dependent on molding and cutting technology. After molding these structures go through the cutting process. In case of a hollow structure or a complicated design, you have to prepare different parts separately, and then assemble them. It was a complicated and time consuming process.

However the present technology enables us to create anything of our choice at the great amount of ease. With the help of 3-D printing technology and virtual designs, you will get the same physical model which you have designed virtually.

Combination of Materials

Earlier it was difficult to use the combination of different materials for production; it was difficult because of the chemical and physical properties of the material used and traditional methods of manufacturing. With the use of    3d Printing in Delhi.

you can eliminate nearly all these limitations. There are different types of materials available to produce a finished product. Nowadays, a wide variety of materials are available for manufacturing, which provides the required amount of strength and temperature resistance.

Less Waste

The aircraft builders get 90% of the material wasted while manufacturing some parts of the aircraft. But when you create the same object with the use of additive manufacturing, you will not only minimize the waste, but will also utilize less energy in the manufacturing process. You can make different types of things with additive manufacturing like footwear, automotive parts, jewelry or anything.

Speed of the Production

The speed of the 3-D printing is much faster as compared to the traditional methods of production. It is like comparing a sports car with a horse cart. You will reach the destination by travelling both of them, but the travel period will differ significantly. Similarly, you can meet the industrial requirements in just a few hours by using 3d Printing Services in India.

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