3D Scanner – Eyes That Scan Everything

3D scanner is all about the latest technology tool that analyse a real-world object or the environment to collect information on its shape and possibly its appearance. This collected data then can be used to construct digital 3D models.

What’s behind the Eyes
As it is not just a scanning device, but more than that. So, it is important that you have a little knowledge what this technology is doing past the eyes.

Contact 3D Scanner: Contact 3D Scanners scan the object that lies in contact with the surface plate.

Non-Contact 3D Scanner: Non-Contact Scanners make use of radiation such as light, ultrasound or X-Ray to probe an object and are further classified as passive and active scanners.

Laser based Scanning: This technology captures the complex shapes using a line of laser light.

CCD Camera: This gear records the data.

Applications that exploit the Eyes

3D Scan technology provides the best potential solution for a wide variety of needs. They have best application in –

  • Entertainment industry for the production of video games and movies,
  • Industrial Designing for building drawings of bridges, industrial plants, and monuments, Site modelling and lay outing, Quality control, Quantity surveys, Payload monitoring, Freeway redesign, etc.
  • Reverse Engineering digitise free-form or gradually changing shaped components as well as prismatic geometries,
  • To capture the 3D shape of a patient in Orthotics Prosthetics and Dentistry.
  • Other applications are in the field of Quality control/inspection and documentation of cultural artifacts, etc.

Benefits that reflects by the Eyes

These 3D Scanners have several benefits as their demand is rising day by day in the market along with their applications. The 3-Dimensional Scanner –

  • Helps in understanding the working of complex parts and shapes,
  • Helps design a better product,
  • Create an updated version for any outdated CAD models, in turn, save both time and money,
  • Increase effectiveness working with complex parts and shapes,
  • Instantly capture all of the physical measurements of any physical object,
  • Capture engineering optimizations inherent in manufactured parts,
  • Compare “as-designed” model to “as-built” condition of manufactured parts, etc.

Business and the Importance of Eyes

With several 3D scanners in the market at very reasonable prices, this technology is becoming effective and result-oriented for different types of businesses throughout the world. They use this technology in their production and concept designs and are embracing it to produce superior outcomes every day.

So, all in all this remarkable technology proving as an important asset for any business and assists them with their products & services promotion. It also delivers in speed and guarantees a high quality performance for all the clients.

With so much to grasp, one can hire the 3D Scanner services of Novabeans who is a pioneer of the most advanced and comprehensive 3D design-to-manufacturing solutions.

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  1. Hi, I am from R&D department, as per our requirement we are interested to buy the 3D scanner for bicycle frame and components. Furthermore, our large component is bicycle frame with the size of L=1000, H=650, W= 150. Waiting for your sooner reply.

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