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3D Scan Applications

Here are the most common 3D scan applications. We can 3D Scan into 3D printed object for you.
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3D Scanning Service in India

3D scanning is a process for rapidly collecting highly detailed, accurate surface information of physical 3D objects. We help our clients utilise 3D scanning technology for replicating objects, scaling objects up or down for use in casting, archiving historical and archaeological artefacts and use in TV and film. 3D scanning is also a fast and effective way to reverse engineer products to understand how they work or get CAD data for old components which may not have original CAD files. It can also be used in conjunction with 3D printing to effectively reproduce objects for many purposes. We can provide both laser 3D scanning and white light 3D scanning depending on the application. We can also reverse engineer scanned parts into editable CAD files such as STEP files for use in Solidworks or other engineering software.

At launch the scanning service offers, through collaborations with our partners Scan in a Box, Artec and Structure Sensor , Novabeans is providing 3D Scan Model service in India, bringing on-demand affordable 3D Scan services at your door step. Scan Industrial design and manufacturing, Healthcare, Science and education, Art and design anytime, anywhere and get it delivered wherever you want !

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