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Customize Design

Buy customize premium design 3d models of in differnt materials, sizes and style. 3D printing service is available in these materials: PLASTICS : ABS, Polyamide, Resin, Elastic Plastic, Alumide. STEEL : Stainless Steel, High Detail Stainless Steel. PRECIOUS METALS: Brass, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Rhodium . CERAMICS: Porcelain FULL COLOR: Full Color Plastic, Full Color Sandstone

Downlaod Novabeans Material Gudie

On Demand Print Service

3D Printing India technology is used for both prototyping and personalised manufacturing, with applications in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Industrial Design, Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Civil Engineering, dental and medical industries, Jewellery, Biotech, Fashion, Home Decor and many more. You can collaborate with us to reproduced your design into high quality 3d model as per their taste, desires and styles.

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Learn to make your own customize 3d models, participate in workshops and courses, featuring from basics to advanced techniques of 3D printing India suitable for all ages. We also help setup 3d printing lab. And our best 3D printer will be your ideal companion in the same.