3d printing for education

Novabean's e-Studio is a hub for creative minds to make their own models, participate in workshops and courses, featuring from basics to advanced techniques of 3D Printing and new technologies, suitable for all ages.

Students, Professionals, Architects, Managers, Doctors, Engineers, Designers, Hobbyists, Teachers, Learners and anyone who want to learn and enhance their CV and professional skills and find potential business opportunity in new industry.

Earn a Certificate in 3D Printing Foundations, and gain a competitive advantage in manufacturing, engineering and design.

BASIC: Introduction to basic 3d Printing and assignments using tangible prototypes. Basic Program helps improve motor, math and analytical skills as well as spatial awareness. You will be taught to think and solve in 3D.

BASIC PLUS (RECOMMENDED): Introduction to basic 3D Printing and assignments using self-printed prototypes. It's more hands-on experience than Basic package and uses a variety of problem solving assignments. Plus will able to design and print prototypes, analysing them on the spot and making adjustments.

ADVANCE: Introduction to Advanced 3D Printing Technology using CNC and LASER. Program is designed using FDM technology with PLA or ABS Plastics and SLA / DLP with resins. Candidates learn both technologies - CNC+LASER and 3D Printing. CNC+LASER is taught on MDF Wood.

ULTIMATE: Candidates & Teacher learn all about 3D Additive Manufacturing, SLA, DLP, CNC + Laser, Casting, Plating, Mould Making and Water Transfer & Printing Technologies, Silver Chroming Technologies, Photogrammetry & 3D Printing techniques. note: School teachers can take Ultimate course which will enable them to teach 3d printing in their school.


For more information check the detail of the courses, visit us at www.novabeans.com or email us at info@novabeans.com.

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